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Public Speaking Course for Adults launched in Cairo

10 February

Due to amazing demand, our Cairo Academy is running one morning and one evening class for adults in public speaking.

These classes are great fun and we endeavour to create a positive atmosphere. Adults who attend these classes say they are energised for the week.

The 12-week course includes variety of different team building games as well games for relaxation, critical thinking and overall confidence. The participants get to do partner  and group work including voice development and creative thinking. Script work and acting exercises are done in a enjoyable, relaxed way! 

Are you ready to discover your full potential, then contact your nearest Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Office in Africa. 

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Top témoignages

"" Mon enfant était un étudiant timide, mais depuis son arrivée à l'académie de théâtre Helen O'Grady, elle est devenue audacieuse, même combative en faisant du bénévolat pour faire les rôles principaux.""

- Parent, Nairobi, Kenya