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Welcome Nicolene - Drama Facilitator at Botriver Primary!

South Africa
18 June

Nicolene Heyns is the drama equivalent of a package tour!

Being a Botriver community role player in her capacity as employer on the Gabrielskloof Wine Estate,  she followed through on her vision for a drama development programme by initiating it, engaging us, getting dedicated premises from the local primary school and then undergoing training so that she herself can facilitate the classes and get involved in the kids' lives!

With a life-long passion for drama, and several years' training, Nicolene is perfectly poised to bring fun, laughter and a whole world of fresh possibilities to the children of Botriver.

We are SO excited to be a part of this vision, and for our curriculum to be the platform for opening up new creative vistas for these young minds!

Classes at Botriver Primary are on Tuesdays between 1:30 and 3:30, and cater for grades 1-7. Contact grant@helenogrady.co.za .

All the best, Nicolene!

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