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Musical Holiday Stage Schools in Cape Town

South Africa
21 July

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's Musical Holiday Stage Schools have become famous throughout Africa. These programmes develop children in skills in musical theatre by getting experts to teach the children dance, singing and acting. In Cape Town the holiday camp involves children learning skills in the July Holidays and then in December the children attend the famous 'A Musical in a Week' Stage School This involves the children rehearsing a musical starting on Monday and performing a musical for a public audience on the Saturday. 

This is an amazing acheivement considering the children range from 5-18. Every child has a part to play in these ventures and parents get the opportunity in July to see a variety show of dance, singing and acting and in December these skills coming together in the musical.

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is throughout Africa - from Cape Town to Cairo, Morocco to Mozambique! 

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"I would like to share my gratitude for your Helen O’Grady Drama Academy reflected in an incident with my daughter. Today she had a presentation at school in the foreign language class and I was amazed like everyone with her presentation skills to the extend that the Dept Supervisor commented: “Wow, she is so confident of herself” And of course, I know this is no coincidence."

- Cairo Parent, Egypt