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Amazing Principal and teachers annual training Seminar in Stellenbosch

South Africa
05 August

Part of the huge succes of the Helen O'Grady Drama Programme in Africa is owing to the extensive training of our teachers and principals. The Academy invests in training to insure the children and adults who attend get the best education possible. The Academy has been running internationally for nearly 40 years and we are proud of the many people who have been empowered through this incredible drama school. 

Currently the Academy runs classes in Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Mauritius. We are the largest drama school of its kind in Africa, and throughout the world over 60,000 children and adults attend drama classes each week.

We are always looking to update our techniques and having such a wide range of specialists in education and the performance arts, allows us to the be one of the leaders in our fields of children drama education and adult performance performance classes.

For more information, check the location section on our website and contact your nearest branch. 

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"«Mon enfant aiiiiiiiiiiiiime tout simplement vos classes et je voulais vous dire un merci tout spécial d'avoir tant investi dans la formation des classes. C’est si agréable pour tout le monde. Nous avons vraiment apprécié votre passion pour les spectacles artistiques et si aucun autre parent ne l'a dit .... merci de l'avoir rendu si spécial pour tous les enfants "."

- Parent, Nairobi Kenya