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Adeola Badru pioneer of the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

29 January

Adeola Badru is our inspirational Principal the North Lagos Academy and Franchisor of Nigeria. She is a brilliant and inspirational teacher, trainer and also academic as this year she qualified with her L.L.B.  - her law degree.

Adeola was the first franchisee to set up in Nigeria and she quickly built a huge reputation in the North Lagos area for the work she does in the development of children. The Academy is incredibly proud fo the contributions she has made, including taking tours around the world each year for her children in Nigeria to experience the other Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's in action. She really does believe in bringing children together from around the world.

It is constant battle educating parents and school principals about the huge benefits of drama in education, and yet developing communication skills and right-brained thinking are probably the most important life-skills that children can ever learn. She has been amazing at pioneering drama in schools in the North Lagos area, using the Academy's international curriculum and is now franchising out the programme in Abuja and other cities in Nigeria. 

You can read about some of her experiences in our interview with her: 

What did you do before you became a Principal of the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy?

Writing for children's magazine and working as a children church teacher.

How did you hear about the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy?

Newspaper advert.

What made you decide to become a franchisee?

I believed running the program will make me achieve my goal of making the Nigerian child a world class personality.

What aspects of the Principal training were especially beneficial to you?

Every aspect of the training was beneficial to me.

When did you start your first Academy?

September, 2007

What obstacles have you overcome to start a Helen O'Grady Drama Academy, if any?

The program was quite alien to the Nigerian school curriculum but I was able to speak convincingly about the Academy to our first school which happens to be a top school in Nigeria and this in turn helped us to penetrate other schools.

Can you tell us what some of your achievements have been since starting as a Principal?

I have produced outstanding, distinguished personalities, high fliers in their respective endeavors. One of such is Eedee Bawoh  a female who speaks glowingly of Helen O'Grady Drama Academy at any given opportunity...''Helen O’ Grady Drama has helped me greatly in recognizing who I am. It has enriched my vision and has consolidated the “me” I am yet to become. Aside bringing out my voice from within, it strengthened my cringing confidence and waning self-esteem. I started Helen O’ Grady in 2008 and since then till now, a story of achievement of strong and firm goals is one of certainty. I represented the University of Lagos at the National Model United Nations Conference in New York in 2013 with an award of Honorable Mention and in 2014 with the award of distinguished delegation, delivering speeches in the presence of more than a 100 persons with all the courage I wouldn't have imagined I could summon just using all the skills learnt and acquired at the Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy''.

I have also had my staff say this to me...''Can't stop thanking you for such amazing opportunity. I have learnt a lot during this process. So far it has been another kind of school for me. With God, next term would be another amazing experience with Helen O'Grady Drama Academy''.  

If you can give a new Principal some words of advice when they start out, what would you suggest?

Professionalism is key!

How many people on your staff?


How many children attend each week?


What advice would you pass on to a new franchisee as regards to staff?

Employ people who are confident, articulate, selfless, goal getters and most importantly, people who are not deficient in integrity.

Why do you believe drama is important for children?

Drama teaches good communication skills which is an essential life skill. Drama develops children's thinking skills, imaginative skills and creativity. Role-play in drama also helps children to act out unfamiliar situations which can be of tremendous help when they encounter such in future.

Would you like to mention anything else about your time with the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy?

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy has brought me in contact with people of like passion......creating a better tomorrow!

If you would like further information about becoming a teacher or franchisee in the Academy in Nigeria or Africa at large, contact us by heading to our website: 




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