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Nimi Braide really creates a name for children's drama in Abuja

05 February

Nimi Braide is one of our newest franchisees. She runs the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Amac Abuja Academy in Nigeria with  already with over 100 children attending classes each week.

She is an amazing teacher and principal - she has already worked incredibly hard educating parents and school principals about the huge benefits of drama for children in Abuja. 

She particularly has seen the change in her own child since he attended the Academy and this is recommendation itself in how the programme changes the lives of all who attend.

We asked her some questions to get to know her a little better:

What did you do before you became a Principal of the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy?

I was a dance instructor.

How did you hear about the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy?

From a friend.

What made you decide to become a franchisee?

The quest to impact meaningful knowledge to children. 

What aspects of the Principal training were especially beneficial to you?

Learning, understanding, and being creative with the curriculum, and marketing strategies.

What month and year did you start your first Academy?

May 2017

What obstacles have you overcome to start a Helen O'Grady Drama Academy, if any?

Getting the schools to understand and accept the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's programme was the biggest hurdle. However, once we start in a school, they are amazed at the professionalism of our international organisation.

Can you tell us what some of your achievements have been since starting as a Principal?

Creating proper awareness for the academy, now HOG is beginning to get recommendations from school owners.

If you can give a new Principal some words of advice when they start out, what would you suggest?

Focus on making a name, building a strong institution that will stand the academy out amongst the other many drama programs. Forget making money at the start, invest time and make yourself available and popular to students in all your schools and the sky is your starting point.

How many people on your staff?


How many children attend each week?


What advice would you pass on to a new franchisee as regards to staff?

Start with yourself, employ one staff at a time as you start progressing.

Why do you believe drama is important for children?

Drama broadens their horizon, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy programme helps them see and analyse things differently.

Would you like to mention anything else about your time with the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy?

It's been a whole year of discovery for me, I have learnt so much especially using the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy programme to correct an academic challenge in my third son. I actually read about how to manage this challenge in the extensive Operations Manual given to all franchisees.  Thanks to our unique curriculum my son is beginning to come out of his shell and now sharing his fears and dreams with us.




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"The children are delighted to know the classes are starting soon. They enjoyed each class that they attended last year with the academy, in their words 'Helen O'Grady is the best class and the best course and has the best teachers ever’. Thank you for giving my children all that fun, entertainment and pleasure while teaching them how to express themselves better and understand themselves.... and life."

- Cairo, Egypt Parent