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Top African Entrepreneurial Award for Helen O'Grady Principal, Houda Farrahe

04 May


The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's Casablanca Principal and Morocco Franchisor, Houda Farrahe, received one of the top international awards at the HUB Africa Award Ceremony which was awarded to the top Entrepreneurs in Africa at a gala ceremony in Casablanca this week. 

Hub Africa Awards is a platform for the most deserving entrepreneurs. Thousands of the top businesses throughout Africa were judged by a distinguished panel in this event involving over 47 countries. The goal of these awards was twofold: to dedicate the work of committed and courageous entrepreneurs, and to inspire future entrepreneurs through models of success. 

There were 7 Awards made at the ceremony with Houda receiving the Jury's Special Award for the most Inspiring Story. 

In presenting the Award, the Jury said, "It's the story of a successful engineer who had a brilliant career in her field and even though all was great for her, she decided to leave her comfort zone and follow her passion. From engineering to Drama, she runs today a wonderful Drama Academy that is changing lifes of kids, teens and adults thanks to creativity, communication and confidence, we want you to discover her success story to inspire each one of you to get out of the box and do what you love."

Houda said,  'My biggest happiness is the fact that it is an African Award. In my speech I talked about our African network and I dedicated the award to the African team."

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy has seen huge success in the development of its international programme  offering classes throughout Africa from Cape Town in the South to Casablanca in the North. Houda is one of the Academy's creative franchisees who has developed the Academy exponentially in Morocco, using her entrepreneurial skills in an exciting and innovative manner to establish a vibrant drama school. 

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's African Director, Duncan Rice, said "Children and adults in Casablanca flock to her classes at her centre and Head Office because of the professionalism of her organisation. Houda also realised the power in the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's international programme which really does develop children in all aspects of their lives, and wanting to make it more accessible to all, she translated the English curriculum into French, opening the door to so many more children to experience confidence in communication skills. This has been a mammoth task and a curriculum spanning 15 years has now been completed."

"We are exceptionally proud of her and she embodies all that our Academy represents particularly in her positivity, kindness and generosity on our international network. She has forged strong links throughout our African network, Europe and India and has proved herself as an exceptional master trainer."

Houda is now developing a franchise network throughout Morocco and North Africa, including places such as Tunisia and Algeria nearby, to reach out further to children and adults. The Academy is looking for people with skills like Houda worldwide to run their own drama school which is founded on the principles of holistic education, developing children through compassion and kindness. 

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