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Communication And Confidence - The Helen O'Grady Way!

South Africa
28 May

Often, when watching our students in action, we are reminded of how rich and dynamic the Helen O'Grady curriculum is! Developed by Helen O'Grady more than 30 years ago out of a need to see children effectively communicating with confidence, it is still prevalent and extremely successful today. Right from the outset of our classes, students are encouraged to use their voices and bodies as an effective communicative tool. Improvisation, ad libbing, movement, mimes and speech skills are worked into a jam packed hour of fun and energy EVERY SINGLE lesson. This concise and full lesson plan is not seen any where else and that is why our curriculum is award-winning and used throughout the world. As embassadors of the brand, principals and teachers alike use their unique and personalised approach to facilitate the students within the class making a powerful and explosive package which shows results in both students confidence as well as communication skills.

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""Lara était très bruyante et agitée, mais au cours de sa classe de Grade 1, nous avons remarqué qu'elle a commencé à devenir un peu introvertie et plus timide. Nous l’avons inscrite à l'académie de théâtre Helen O'Grady dans l'espoir que cela l'aiderait à améliorer son discours et la rendrait plus confiante. Bien qu'elle soit encore un peu timide, elle a fleuri tout en faisant le théâtre. Son ..."

- Parent, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud