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Port Elizabeth - Role Play Equips Our Children

South Africa
04 June

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy has a unique and special way of building incredible learning outcomes into the curriculum without placing performance pressure on our students!  A fair amount of role play takes place in each lesson - sometimes scripted and sometimes improvised, and sometimes individually and sometimes in pair or groups.  

Role play is incredibly powerful when it comes to nurturing skills, and eventually learning outcomes, such as social awareness; problem solving; team work; awareness of one's natural responses as well as awareness of how others respond in situations; building compassion and empathy; leadership and many more.  All these skills are crucial in ensuring our children become young adults able to function well in society, and adapt to an ever-changing and challenging world.

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"" Ma fille a fait du théâtre à Islamia College depuis la dernière période de l'année dernière. En raison de certains événements l'année dernière, elle était devenue très timide et avait perdu sa confiance en elle. J'étais si agréablement surpris hier quand je l'ai vu se produire sur scène. C'est un grand pas en avant depuis l'année dernière (à la fin de l'année dernière, elle n'a même pa..."

- Parent, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud