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Accra Helen O'Grady student stars in feature film

08 September

Another Helen O'Grady Drama Academy student becomes a star the screen! The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is pleased to announce that one of its Upper Primary students in Accra, Cynthia Dankwa, will be starring in a Film callsed 'The Burial of Kojo' which is going to be premiered at the UrbanWorld Film Festival in America.

The film follows the tumultuous relationship between two brothers, Kojo and Kwabena. Kojo causes a car accident that tragically kills Kwabena’s bride on their wedding day. Kwabena in turn, devises an elaborate plan to seek revenge seven years later. He lures Kojo to an abandoned mine, knocks him unconscious and leaves him in the mine shaft to die. Kojo must survive with no food and water, while his wife and a troubled local detective race against time to find him.

The shoot took a month in Tarkwa, a mining town in Western Ghana, and Nzulezu, a stilt village on the Gulf of Guinea. What an amazing film for Cynthia to act in - it promises  guilt and betrayal, brothers and brides, exploding cars and mine shafts. Blitz the Ambassador, the Director, says this is the “first non-foreign film of this magnitude and scale to be produced in Ghana.”

Cynthia will be travelling to this World premiere with some of her fellow cast members and Ghanaian American director, Blitz the Ambassador. The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy wishes them all the best and a huge box office success for this exciting film. 

To contact our Accra Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Office, click on this link http://dramaafrica.com/branch/36/ghana/accra.htm

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