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Two more to top awards for the Academy in Mauritius

02 December

Our Principal in Mauritius, Adila Budullah has just received two more top awards for the incredible work she is achieving on the island in the development of people through the Helen O'Gady Drama Academy. Through her programme, she is touching the lives of many. 

She received the 'Business and Entrepreneurship Award from the Promisiing Indian's Society. The Promising Indian’s Society has been established to recognize and reward the success stories of Indians and Persons of Indian Origin who are making a mark with their work worldwide and provide a platform for equal-for-all networking and collaborative business opportunities to all Indians across the globe.

Following this, she was recognised by a separate organistion for and recognition for her skills in storytelling for social workers, leaders and entrepreneurs at the Yuva annual leadership entrepreneurs summit (Yale’s) 2018 certificate was presented to her by His excellency Acting president of Mauritius Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory.

Director of Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Africa, Duncan Rice, said, 'This is just unbelievable that over the course of 2 years Adila has received 4 top awards. We, as an organisation, are so proud of her and value her immense expertise on our international network. She has developed her Academy into a thriving business which leads the way in professionalism on the island. Likewise, she is doing immensely well with the Academy's sister company, Aardvark Casting, having cast adults and children for many films recently. She is a hard and enthusiastic worker and her confidence is contagious."

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"I want to thank Helen O'Grady Drama academy for such a wonderful program. It feels like we have a different daughter in just 3 months. She's more open minded, speaks freely, asks questions. She has more confidence and self esteem. She listens and responds to tasks so easily. I can't believe it. When we ask her to do something she does it immediately. No bribing for a chocolate or McDonald's. It's totally shoc..."

- Cape Town Parent