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Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) rolls out in Africa

South Africa
10 February

We are very excited to say that we will be soon launching our ECCE courses in Africa. Three highly experienced teachers and Principals from the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in South Africa and Namibia will be attending the Trainers' course for Early Childhood Care and Education in Mumbai India and will then share their knowledge with all throughout Africa as our representatives. 

The accredited ECCE course is designed to help candidates to have a thorough understanding of children’s needs, their likes and dislikes and a deep knowledge about how they grow and learn. This is a world-class teacher training course which boasts of a comprehensive curriculum encompassing the conventional philosophy of early learning, along with innovative pedagogies that have been developed globally.

Francine Booysens, an international Helen O'Grady trainer and Principal (South Africa) and Abraham Nambinga (Principal of Northern Nambia) and Elzaan de Wee (teacher in the Windhoek Academy) will be flying to Mumbai to developed in these skills but also learn how to train others in these skills. 

They will return to their respective countries with a deep understanding of the significance, scope and nature of education in early childhood years.

They will be able to impart their knowledge to trainee Early learning teachers with the Academy’s concepts, principles and varied & innovative approaches to curriculum planning; and train them in implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum that advances holistic development of the child. 


This is a fantastic opportunity for all aspiring ECCE teachers. For more information about our courses, please contact us.


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"My child has grown so much in confidence over the last few months, which is a pleasure to witness!"

- Bloemfontein Parent, South Africa