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Deep connection between Africa, India and Malta

18 July

Africa, India and Malta have a deep and powerful connection when it comes to Helen O'Grady. All directors have combined forces to make Helen O'Grady a truly global organisation and now students from both Africa, India and Malta are in regular communication through this new initiative to bring our world closer together, which started with our franchisee in Chennai, India, Soumya Sundaresh. 

Students from Mumbai and Cairo interacted with each other on a dramatic level after finding out about the cultures and similaries between the two countries. The ended up having a dance-off, teaching each other their traditional and favourite dances. It was such a fun day and an amazing learning experience far beyond the classroom.

We at the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy believe in bringing children together throughout the world. Borders and politicians divide us but we will help children to understand that we are, in fact, one human race. What better way than having the world's leading drama and communication course to show this. 

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"“Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful evening – and a wonderful year for my son. He used to have such terrible self-esteem, calling himself the dumbest in class, uncool, etc, so this is just wonderful. You have done so much for his confidence!”"

- Parent Pretoria, South Africa