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Another award for an exceptional Principal.

02 September


Our Principals keep winning award after award in Africa for the incredible work they do with Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. Adila Budullah is no exception and she has just received a WOMEN SUPERACHIEVER AWARD in Education, Research, Training and Consultancy.

The Promising Indian’s Society has been established to recognize and reward the success stories of Indians and Persons of Indian Origin who are making a mark with their work worldwide and provide a platform for equal-for-all networking and collaborative business opportunities to all Indians across the globe.

Following the resounding success of the ‘Inspiring Women Awards’ in April 2018, their ‘projet phare’, the ‘100 Most Influential Women in Mauritius’, was re-branded as ‘Women of the Year Awards’ that included several sub-awards – ‘Lifetime Achievement’, ‘Recognition’, ‘Emerging Leaders’, ‘Super-achievers’ and of course the original concept of ‘100 Most Influential Women in Mauritius’. They wanted to recognise the achievements, efforts and contributions of many more women including the younger generations. They believed that the more we encourage these fantastic individuals for their remarkable last 12 months, the more society and the country will benefit. 

Adila the entrepreneur, owner and director of Embrace Uniqueness Ltd which runs the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy on Mauritius. She was recently celebrated as being part of Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business & Government, 100 Most Influential Women in Mauritius and Promising Indian in Arts & Culture, CEO global Pan African Awards, Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government Country Winner IOC 2018/19, World Woman leadership Congress & Awards and Pioneer Woman Leader 2019 and WOMEN SUPERACHIEVER AWARD in Education, Research, Training and consultancy.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Adila has a General Psychology and a Montessori Education background as well as being a certified yoga practitioner. In 2008 she started working with children in Lagos, Nigeria, where she discovered her passion for education and making a difference in people’s life. She was engaged in teaching at schools and found her predilection for storytelling time with young children. Adila volunteered at orphanages and charity fundraising events in the city. Working as a teacher with Helen O' Grady Drama Academy Nigeria brought a new awakening in her with witnessing how effective and powerful "educating through drama" is. 

Pursuing her dream of helping individuals to reach their full potential, she provides development through theatre arts courses, speech & communications courses, yoga classes and motivational talks performed by Adila with the objective of helping people on an emotional and mental level to make changes in their lives and within themselves. Adila gives talks in various events, organisations and schools while she relates her personal experiences to the audience. Not everyone evaluates their significant life experiences to determine if those experiences could be helpful to others. The idea of Embrace Uniqueness originated from the belief that as individuals we are unique and embracing this notion can only lead us to become better beings. Everyone has the capacity and capability to do something phenomenal with their life. When one unlocks one’s imagination, possibilities open up. The path to discovery of the self and what makes us unique requires passion, confidence, self-esteem, serenity and a healthy body.

“What is the use of living if not to strive for noble causes” says, Adila, 

Director of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Africa, Duncan Rice, said: ‘We are again extremely proud of Adila’s achievements. Our programme is about bringing out confidence in children and adults. Adila has worked tirelessly to give all people on Mauritius hope for the future with her immense kindness and compassion. She really deserves this award because we have seen change she has made to many on the island.”


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