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Cairo starts Parenting classes

24 October

We are very pleased to announce that our Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in Cairo is now offering parenting classes for to learn the key steps for raising a happy, confident, healthy child. This all starts from happiness and positivity within ourselves! 

The Helen O'Grady Self-Development Academy has developed children, youth and adults internationally with over 40 years experience! This unique workshop is drama based, working holistically on self-development and self-discovery for parents who wish to learn skills that not only make them better but also make their children happier and healthier.

Maija Lamu, one of the Principals of the Cairo Academy said, 'Our first Helen O'Grady parenting workshop was a huge success and now all the parents also want to send their child to our classes.'

African Director, Duncan Rice, says, 'Our Academy is founded on the principals of postive development. We believe that all children should be nutured through kindness and compassion. These classes in our Cairo Academy really do develop these essential skills so necessary for our world today. Parents who wish to create a wholesome environment for their children should come and join us to be a part of this new path of development.'

For more information about our parents' classes, please contact us by clicking the link on this website. 

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""Lara était très bruyante et agitée, mais au cours de sa classe de Grade 1, nous avons remarqué qu'elle a commencé à devenir un peu introvertie et plus timide. Nous l’avons inscrite à l'académie de théâtre Helen O'Grady dans l'espoir que cela l'aiderait à améliorer son discours et la rendrait plus confiante. Bien qu'elle soit encore un peu timide, elle a fleuri tout en faisant le théâtre. Son ..."

- Parent, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud

24 October

Cairo starts Parenting classes