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Students at International Primary School campaign for clean seas

26 May

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy believes that drama changes the lives of all children for the better - making them confident and particularly aware of the world in which they live. Here you can see the children from the International Primary School in Mauritius showing how important conservation is in their play for parents.

The Academy programme is a holistic approach to drama education. The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy teaches children to respect each other and the world at large. Developing tolerance and empathy are two important traits which come through the positive programme which was established in 1979.


Our drama school in Mauritius has become the leader in children's drama classes and you can find the Academy in many of Mauritius' top education establishments.

For more information about our programmes around the world, contact our nearest office by going to the locations tab on this website.

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"«Hier était incroyable, nous avons vraiment apprécié le spectacle. Je me suis même régalé comme les enfants ! Merci pour les grands efforts et le plaisir et la joie que vous répartissez.""

- Parent, Caire, Égypte