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Africa Director, Alan Montanaro, hits Windhoek running with an incredible training

03 December

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's training in Africa is phenomenal. We have exceptional people who have been running Academies for many years. The training is done by mentorship, bringing the latest drama teaching skills throughout the Continent. 

The Windhoek Academy is very lucky to have the expertise of Alan Montanaro, one of the African Directors as well as the Director of the Malta Academy in Europe. Alan comes with considerable skills, being an accomplished actor himself and drama teacher, he is able to bring further life and colour to our already magnificent curriculum. Alan's creativity has know bounds and he inspires all with his great teaching and training.

The Namibia Academy is going from strength to strength as we come out of the Covid pandemic. There are now branches in Windhoek, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and in the North of Namibia. 

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"My daughter is very shy in nature, however, since she started with Helen O'Grady Drama Academy about two years ago we saw an immediate impact on her ability to speak up in public, especially to adults and on her self confidence. Although like many other children, she has a busy after school schedule of activities, drama classes are one thing she never likes to miss, she looks forward to every single class, l..."

- Parent, Cairo