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Children from Martin ‘Ecol’ette show that drama transcends all languages

28 May

Our wonderful students in the North at Martin 'Ecol'ette: a wonderful English and French school having a "drama session".

Drama is the centre of existence. It is a valuable form of communication. It provides children with an opportunity to work together cooperatively on a shared life.

It gives children the change to express themselves more effectively in everyday situations and encourages children to learn how to influence others and how to put themselves in other people's shoes.

Drama gives students an opportunity to work together co-operatively making creative choices and thinking new ideas. Increasing the child's awareness of the divergence of views both within the classroom and within the wider social context.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge".

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"“What is your proudest accomplishment?” a cliche interview question I get asked with every new step in my journey – my career in management consulting, my MBA program etc. Yet as time progresses, my answer continues to be the same: my time with HOG. My time with HOG working as a summer camp leader has not only allowed me to impact the development trajectory of wonderful kids, but has also deeply contrib..."

- Teacher, Cairo