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Structured Creativity in Drama Classes Stimulates All-Round Learning - PORT ELIZABETH

South Africa
09 June

Being creative is all about the process that takes place to transform thought into action, to transform dream into reality, and concept to product.  Being creative in one's head only, without producing anything concrete is simply being imaginative!  Teaching our students, in the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy, to transform good ideas into ACTion on stage is a huge part of our curriculum.  Within the structure of an incredibly well thought-out curriculum, we train our students to imagine, to create and to present!  For many children, some of, if not all of these steps, can be daunting.  Our well trained teachers have specific methods that they employ to motivate and assist children to imagine scenarios, create those scenarios and then present them in class.  The pleasure and sense of achievement that our students experience as they conqueror these steps is magnificent! 

Being able to imagine, create and present in our structured and stimulating classes leads our students on to being able to imagine, create and present in other areas of their lives.  Reading, creative writing and public speaking improve for many children as a result.  Even problem solving in maths and understanding context in social sciences improves.

Our structured creativity genuinely stimulates all-round learning.

For more detail, contact our office on 041 367 1210vicky@helenogrady.co.za / www.helenogrady.co.za

Classes run every day, across Port Elizabeth and in Uitenhage, from Monday to Saturday, for ages 3 - 18 years.

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"I consider myself and my girls very lucky to have found the gem called Helen O grady and CTC. My daughters have attended the drama academy for six years each, and what a journey it has been watching them grow with the academy and gain so many important skills -- from presentation to confidence to collaboration, and the best part was always attending the annual performance and watching how much they have deve..."

- Parent, Cairo