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Ecole du Nord school celebrates with awards

23 July

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in Mauritius has an amazing programme running at Ecole du Nord in Mauritius. Not only are these children developing skills in confidence and performance but they are also increasing in their English language ability, learning how to commmunicate articulately and creatively in their second language.

This year has been particularly amazing.  Well done to our wonderful students at the French school who have successfully completed a year course participating in our International Helen O'Grady Programme which develops communication and performing skills.

The Helen O'Gready Drama Academy's  drama programme in Mauritius  gives children on-going confidence and particularly skill in verbal communication.

Making us very proud in seeing each student benefit and grow. We start language development at the beginning of every class as students are encouraged to express themselves.


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"" Ma fille a eu sa première exposition à votre classe le vendredi, et elle parle encore de ce qu'est un temps fantastique qu'elle avait. Je vous remercie beaucoup de l'avoir rendu si agréable, comme elle est généralement une personne très calme, et que cela va lui permettre de ne pas être si conservatrice et d'avoir une voix (non pas seulement à la maison, mais partout). ""

- Nouveau parent, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud