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Excellent drama teacher training in Windhoek

23 July

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in Africa prides itself in the excellent development and teacher training across the continent. Teachers are taught how to deliver the Academy's international curriculum with passion and positivity to children. The Helen O'Grady's ethos is about 'Yes we can!' creating many possibilities for children creativity.

The Academy's programme and teaching methods are unique and quickly develop children in self-confidence and communication skills. Children who attend the Academy quickly outshine their peers in their creative abiliies particularly on the stage and in the English language.

Simonne Oosterhuizen, the Windhoek Principal, is amazing and is really keen that children in Namibia are offered this amazing programme to the highest standars. She is building an amazing team the programme's name is spreading far and wide.


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"I thank you for the fantastic job you did with our children! They were awesome! It proves that given the opportunity children can grow to another level."

- Cape Town Principal, South Africa