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Top marks for appraisal in Lagos

11 August

The Academy runs its international programme in many of the top private schools around Africa. Chrisland School in Lagos is no exception in Nigeria. One of the leading schools in the country, Chrisland has recognised the importance of all-round education for children, which includes drama.

Every year the school appraises the Helen O'Grady programme and its teachers. We are very proud of the amazing product that we present to the children through our dynamic teachers and this year was no exception - the praises for our performance was amazing!

We continue to bring out the best in all children, using an internationally acclaimed method developed by our founder Helen O'Grady. Thanks to her children gain the greatest gift in life - confidence in communication.


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"" Ma fille est l'une de vos élèves - L'académie de théâtre Helen O'grady a amélioré sa confiance, ses compétences de communication et la capacité de parler avec audace à tout moment! Elle était avec l'Académie à Uitenhage pour 6 ans et elle est notre reine de théâtre à la maison ! Merci, Académie de théâtre Helen O'Grady, pour ce que vous avez instillé en elle. Il ne peut jamais être enl..."

- Daleen d’Uitenhage, Le Cap

11 August

Top marks for appraisal in Lagos