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First class in Mombasa a triumph!

07 October

It was an exciting day as the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy opened its doors to the children of Mombasa in Kenya at the Burhani Sports Club. Under the direction of their amazing Principal, Naeem Dar, these children took a magical journey through the different aspects of the Academy's international programme which is designed to develop confidence, self-esteem but most importantly strong communication skills using the performance arts as a base.

The Academy's programme runs in some of the top schools throughout Africa as well as may private studios. This new private studio which takes place on Saturday afternoons gives the children of Mombasa in children lots of opportunities to develop these essential life-skills and whilst haveing fun with the performance arts.

The Academy is looking to expand this international programme throughout Kenya so if you are interested in having this highly educational programme in your area or wish to have drama in your school, contact the Mombasa office by clicking this link: https://dramaafrica.com/branch/46/kenya/mombasa.htm 

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""Le vendredi soir, j'ai constaté le niveau professionnel de théâtre à l'académie de théâtre Helen O'Grady et comment elle est capable de transmettre cet art à nos enfants et je devais partager mon enthousiasme avec vous. Ce qu'ils ont réussi à atteindre avec les élèves de grade R était incroyable ! L'école a investi dans des cours et le produit final a été présenté à la remise des prix et c..."

- Ministère de l'Éducation Le Cap, Afrique du Sud