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Cape Town Youth Theatre performs at Youth Summit

South Africa
28 November

Orange the World Youth Summit in Cape Town invited the Newlands Youth Theatre students to MC and perform their acclaimed play 'Perspectives'. This was a huge honour and the students really rose to the challenge showing such clarity of speech, compassion, and excellent acting.

This year's summit was centred around bullying and sexual harrassment, so it was very apt for the Youth Theatre students to perform 'Perspectives', a thought-provoking play which looks at all sorts of prejudice in our midst. The influence of the youth in changing perceptions is huge and this summit really showed how in tune young people are in understanding the difference between right and wrong. 

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy students, though, were incredible at the summit - they were interviewed for national television, presented on stage and really helped to bring the summit together. The silence from their peers watching as they performed their production was a testament to their abilitiies as actors and the resounding appause at the end showed how appreciative the audience was. They were extremely good role-models at this event and many of the other youth present wanted to be part of the Academy's programme to develop these essential skills that they saw shining through on the stage.

We are so proud that the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's students really do develop excellent communication skills and show a unique presence worldwide. 

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"Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has helped me build up my self esteem and develop both my communication and social skills. The Academy has also helped me discover a creative part of me which I did not know and also taught me to be able to fit in anywhere I find myself in the world."

- Lagos Student, Nigeria

04 November

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