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Yoga now an amazing part of the drama curriculum in Cairo

15 March

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in Cairo is leading the way in the international development of children by including yoga in its activities offered at its centre. 

Yoga and drama have a unique synergy - in fact many of the ancient movement and breath techniques have been used for hundred in the training of actors and public speakers.. Most particularly the relaxation aspects help children to less stressed. In fact the techniques of yoga should be taught to all children to help them cope with our modern-day lives, which actually don't give a lot of time to stop and reflect.

We often hear how yoga makes us more flexible throught the stretches and poses but it also is amazing at increasing breath capacity for public speaking. The training in this area involves the slowing and extension of the breath. In the elocution we call this good intercostal diaphragmatic breathing - in other words breathing into the belly, ribs and the colar bone, filling the lungs to their maximum. By doing so, speakers are able to have more volume and are able to say more words in a sentence, avoiding a breathy tone. 

By slowing down our breath, research has shown that children and adults start to calm the mind. For actors this is a fundamental technique before the steping on to the stage and the same applies to public speakers. Being calm brings more clarity when we are faced with stressful situations such as public speaking and will enhance the effectiveness of what we do.

For more information about yoga and drama, contact our Cairo office by heading to locations on this website. 

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