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Welcome to another exceptional Principal, Talent Jumo

17 March

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is pleased to announce the opening of the first school in Zimbabwe. Talent Jumo, the Principal, comes with considerable experience assisting and developing young people in Harare and throughout Zimbabwe and she now joins an incredilby creative team throughout Africa. Reachig now 100,000 students attending classes worldwide, Zimbabwe's children and adults will now have an amazing opportunity in developing 21st Century skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. 

Talent is a passionate human rights activist who believes that every child should be supported to reach their full potential. A Secondary School Teacher by profession, Talent has worked with girls and boys in Zimbabwe, facilitating open communication forums on health and wellness for the young ones.

In 2009, Talent founded the Katswe Sistahood, a non-profit organisation whose mandate is to activate young people, particularly adolescent girls and young women, to reflect on their lives, share their stories through various art forms. Katswe Sistahood is running the Pachoto Arts programme. Here, Talent supports adolescents to begin to communicate their anxieties, fears, challenges, hopes and dreams to the world around them.

Talent believes that theatre and art is empowering and can usher struggling youths on a healing pathway.

For more information, please go to the website: http://dramaafrica.com/branch/60/zimbabwe/harare.htm

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""Je tiens à remercier L'académie de théâtre Helen O'Grady pour un tel programme merveilleux. Nous sentons comme si nous avons une différente fille en seulement 3 mois. Elle est plus ouverte d'esprit, parle librement et pose des questions. Elle a plus de confiance et d'estime de soi. Elle écoute et répond aux tâches si facilement, je ne peux pas le croire. Quand nous lui demandons de faire quelque chos..."

- Parent, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud