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Helen O'Grady Africa goes on ONLINE

South Africa
09 April

The show must go onLINE! Yes, the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy has gone online throughout Africa using Facebook Social Learning Groups.This amazing portal allows students to learn in their own time and pace and parents can be part of the process too should they wish. 


We are running our incredible international programme and more.


The advantages are many:

1. Convenience to learn at your own time and pace.

2. Expert teachers from around Africa.

3. Safe and secure environment.

4. Lots of opportunities for feedback. 

5. Fun activities and video assignments.

6. Master classes to learn advanced acting and communication skills, including mime and characterisation.

7. Easy on data usage and no connection issues. 

8. Can be accessed easily on a cell phone. 

9. Parents of younger children can be part of the learning process. 

10. User friendly - everyone knows how to work facebook. 

11. Lots of amazing bonus material.

12. Connect with cultures from all over the African continent. 

13. Videos can be stopped or repeated.


For more information or to enrol, head to our new online website: www.helenogradyonline.com

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""I can not believe that Anneska has come this far, and nearly fell off my chair when she spoke in such a loud, confident manner! I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest with so much pride in seeing her on stage.""

- Jo'burg Parent