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Cairo drama classes in full swing

09 October

We are very pleased to announce that our educational and developmental in-personl classes have reopened in Egypt in Cairo and Maadi. Strictest precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of all. The children just love being back in the phsycial classes after a long time in lockdown. 

Our Egypt Academy ran amazing online drama classes during the Covid-19 lockdown to really help children through this difficult time. The accolades for this online course have been astounding. Helen O'Grady led the way in the development of children during this time. 
Self-development through drama by Helen O'Grady has been in operation over 40 years worldwide and is awarded by the Trinity College, London. The programme has a long history with successful results and is proven to build strong children, with strong social and communication skills.
Helen O'Grady drama system uses developmental drama as an effective tool for the following learning:
✅ Developing Creativity and Imagination, which instill problem solving, thinking out of the box and spontaneity.
✅ Creating body, space, time and weight awareness through movement exercises leading to greater confidence and self-esteem.
✅ Development of voice skills like articulation, projection, diction, pace, pitch, modulation and tone.
The main objectives are the development of:
✔Communication skills
✔Self-confidence and self-esteem
✔Social skills, team building and collaboration
✔Creativity, visualization and imagination
✔Public speaking and presentation skills

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"«Hier était incroyable, nous avons vraiment apprécié le spectacle. Je me suis même régalé comme les enfants ! Merci pour les grands efforts et le plaisir et la joie que vous répartissez.""

- Parent, Caire, Égypte