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Mauritius Academy children are so happy to be back

09 October

As class resume throughout Mauritus, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Principal Adila Budullah says, 'Our intention is to build a strong foundation for later education through our Development Speech and Dream Session'.

The Helen O'Grady developmental drama programme provides young children with unique opportunities to develop clear speech, fluent delivery and pleasant social skills.
Our program enables students to be active participants in all aspects of their lives. Students are encouraged to ask questions, seek answers and share information with others. Children who mix well with others find it easier to make friends and adjust to new situations.
The Academy's certified teachers in Mauritius motivate students to become articulate communicators through enthusiastic participation in a wide range of creative activities. These include speech training, creative movement, improvisation and much more.
For further information to visit and have drama at your school as in-school or a after school activity do not hesitate to contact - 57543775
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""Il est incroyable de penser comment sa confiance a grandi depuis qu'il a commencé avec vous il y a 4 ans. Je n'ai que de bonnes choses à dire au sujet de votre Académie et nous vous remercions pour inclure aussi les garçons. ""

- Parent, Port Elizabeth, Afrique du Sud

23 April