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Nationwide Drama competition launched in Nigeria

09 November

Hurray! Helen O'Grady Drama Academy together with the goverment of Nigeria has launched a national competition for children titled "Changing the Narrative". 

The aim of this contest is ultimately to give Nigerian children a positive mindset about the country Nigeria, to help them seek to discover what they can do for the country and not only what the country can do for them. Students are asked to submit at 90-second video monologue entitled 'The Nigeria I want to see.' The best videos will receive cash prizes. 

Helen O'Grady teaches good personality and a positive outlook to life and this competition, particularly during the Covid Pandemic, will look at giving young people hope for the furture. The children are our future so it will be interesting to hear their views on this subject.

The government under the auspices of the National Orientation Agency (NOA) has given her full support and endorsement: this means the NOA will make their social media platforms available for Helen O'Grady and grant the involvement of the state directorate where necessary. 

This will be a fantastic opportunity for many children in Nigeria and the Academy looks forward to receiving the videos, showcasing the immense creativity of the children in Nigeria.

Students are asked to upload their video to www.helenogradynigeria.com

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"We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude of how the program has enhanced Chloe's confidence and ability to communicate with her peers and adults. Chloe was very quietly spoken but since attending the drama program she has improved her speaking voice and is now confident at addressing school functions and meetings. Thank you, for your dedication and perseverance in maintaining such a high stand..."

- Johannesburg Parent, South Africa

23 April