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Pioneering online drama school training of franchisees throughout Africa

20 November

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in Africa is pioneering the online training of franchisees to run its international drama school.

Together with the extensive team of Directors from India, Malta and Africa, the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is giving the new Franchisees extensive training in how to run their own drama school using the Academy's acclaimed method developed over 40 years of operation worldwide.

The two new franchisees from Zimbabwe and Namibia have been recently trained to the highest standards using the Academy's online teacher training and franchising systems. Franchisees are trained online in the some of the aspects:

1. Aims and Objectives: includes how the Academy develops 21st Century Skills in children and adults. Skills such as creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration are some of the main aspects covered.

2. School and studio operation: How the Academy has become one of the largest programmes in schools around the world and how the Academy's private studios provide professional drama teaching.

3. Marketing: Franchises receive expert training in the Academy's extensive and effective marketing programme which uses the internet as well many other clever material. 

4. Enrolments: How the enrolments of children are processed through an online system and student numbers maintained.

5. The class structure: The Academy has very clear guidlines as to how to manage different age-groups and class sizes.

6. Teachers: Right from the start franchisees employ teachers so excellent training is given in selection, training, motivation, supervision, public relations, meetings and seminars.

7. Curriculum: The Academy has an excellent yearly drama programme from age 3-18 years and lesson plans which include introductory activities, speech, verbal dynamics, creative movement, language development, improvisation, dialogue development, mini-scripts, concluding activities and our Kindy programme. 

8. Public Relations: We help franchisees to understand our excellent ppersonalisation service to parents and children.  

9. Motivation: The Academy is famous for teaching to students and teachers self motivation, goal setting, developing self esteem and postive self image.

10. Administration: the Academy has excellent office systems which have been developed over 40 years. 


Every aspect is covered in the Business Training so that Franchisees have the all the tools needed to run the most professional and dynamic businesses with good financial returns. 

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"From working with Helen O grady I became passionate about child development. I started to educate myself about it so I can give nothing less than a 100%. I was a messy and unorganized person but working here gave me the chance to improve myself to the better so I can improve other people’s lives. During the summer sessions I was challenged to think outside the box and teach dance which I was very insecure..."

- Teacher, Cairo

23 April