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Holiday Camps/Programmes throughout Africa

South Africa
08 December

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Holiday Programmes and Camps are going to rock Africa again this holiday season. 

Helen O’Grady Holiday Programmes or Holiday Camps are amazing and focus on a variety of skills particularly musical theatre and other aspects such as stage craft. These classes are dynamic and fun and involve much theatre, film and stage work including many other exciting activities. 

This year, owing to Covid, some of the Academies in Africa are offering online as well as the physical holiday schools in both December 2020 and January 2021.  



Our Cairo Principal, Maija Lamu, who has been offering these innovative holiday programmes for many years says, ‘Spend the break in a creative, innovative, active and safe environment with our wonderful, energetic Helen O'Grady staff. Our programme includes dance, drama, arts and lots of other fun activities.” 

Contact the Cairo Helen O’Grady Drama Academy on WhatsApp: +201063479551


The Academy in Nairobi headed up by Amar and Jinita Desai will be working on a Christmas Play with a performance at the end of parents and friends. Amar Desai, Principal of Helen O’Grady Nairobi says, “Children who want to get back to some normality and have some fun, interact with others in a safe environment will get the opportunity to bring their talents and creative skills to the fore with the Academies amazing holiday programme.”

 Contact the Nairobi Helen O’Grady Drama Academy on WhatsApp: +254716805795



In Johannesburg the Academy will focus on film-making. Students throughout Africa can enrol in this amazing course over 3 days. Kerry Holbrooke, the Johannesburg, South Africa, Principal, says, ‘Students will have the amazing opportunity to learn the skills involved in film-making, including acting, directing, script-writing, filming and editing. All this will be done on Zoom. We will have lots of fun but we will also be learning some amazing skills at the same time.’


Contact the Johannesburg Helen O’Grady Drama Academy on WhatsApp:  +27834102940



Our Harare Academy will be running an amazing 3-day holiday programme focusing on the skills of acting ending with a showcase of their talents at the end of holiday school. Talent Jumo, the Principal of the Harare Academy, says, ‘We are so pleased to offer this wonderful programme in Harare, which will give the children so many new and exciting skills.  It will be a fantastic resource for any young person even if they have never done drama or theatre arts before. They will have a blast with our inspiring teachers.’

Contact the Harare Academy on WhatsApp: +263 8665679



On Lagos Island, Nigeria, they will be having a full-day Christmas Programme from the 14th – 24th December for ages 3- 12 years in Lekki.

Sarah Boulos, the Principal of the Academy on Lagos Island, says, ‘This Christmas holiday programme is very special as we have specialist who teach the children dance, drama, arts and crafts. But the days are action-packed to keep the children stimulated and learning, in a fun way, all the time.’

Contact Lagos Island on WhatsApp:  +2348093561000


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"As a toddler Lara was very vocal and loud but during her Grade 1 year we noticed she started to become a bit of an introvert and more shy. We signed her up with Helen O' Grady Drama Academy in the hope that it would help her with her speech as well as aid her in being more self-confident. Although still a little shy, she has blossomed while doing drama. Her speech is clearer and she is learning to expr..."

- Cape Town Parent

23 April