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Helen O'Grady is back to normal classes in Cairo

26 January

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy classes are back to a new normal around Africa. Here you can see our students in action in Cairo. 


Around Africa, despite Covid-19, we are trying to bring normality into children's lives. It has been a tough time for everyone especially on the communication and socialisation front for children. This is where the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy's programme is amazing because it is founded on the principles of developing good communication and socialisation skills.


Whilst our online programme is incredibly fun and exciting, nothing beats children working together face-to-face, or shall we say now mask-to-mask, and the children around Africa are so happy to be working with each other in the flesh. 


The Academy has full protocols and social distancing measures in all its classes to maintain maximum protection of all those attending. 

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"" Je vous remercie pour le travail fantastique que vous avez fait avec nos enfants, ils étaient superbes ! Cela prouve que, que les enfants ayant une opportunité peuvent se développer à un autre niveau. ""

- Directeur d’école au Cap, Afrique du Sud

23 April