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Helen O'Grady's International Assessment Award System

26 January

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy introduces its new drama assessment scheme for schools and private drama studios in Africa which was launched in Kenya today.
Being the leaders in the field of drama education, we have been developing children's assessment schemes for many years particularly in Africa and India.
The Academy has now formalised this into a worldwide drama assessment scheme which can be used to assess children's abilities within the class with minimal disruption.
Students will gain a certificate of competency based on their mark at the end of each Level and work towards their Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards in each of the Stages.
The assessment and marks will be based on a set of activities used within the classroom which develop 21st Century Skills including speech, movement and the ability to collaborate and think creatively.
Students will need to pass a certain number of Levels within each Stage in order to get their Awards.
Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is really the dramatic leader of children's development.

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