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Public Speaking competition goes national with Namibia Broadcasting Corporation

22 October

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in Namibia is very pleased to announce that its international Public Speaking Competition is going national in Namibia in partnership with the Namibia Broadcasting Corportation (NBC), Namibia's premiere broadcasting company. 


The Public Speaking Competition entitled 'The Namibia I want to see' has already been run nationally in Nigeria and India. This is amazing opportunity to develop skills communication skills, giving all a wonderful platform to imagine the Namibia of the future.


The Academy is famous for developing good presentation and public speaking skills and this competition will catipult children's abilities on to large national television stage. They will be able see from this what makes a success speaker and how the body and voice can be used effectively to convey a powerful message. 


To register follow these steps:


1. Register at any Pic n Pay or WEBTICKETS and pay your N$20.

2. Record a 90-120 second video on 'The Namibia i want to see' in landscape format.

3. Send your payment code and video to the following Whatsapp Number: 081842 6250


We can't wait to see these amazing videos.


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