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Cape Town Helen O'Grady student becomes Soap Opera star on national television

South Africa
21 January

We were thrilled to read in the Weekend Argus or Cape Town that one of our former students is doing well in vibrant television industry in South Africa. 


Talia Davis makes the most of her opportunities

By Keagan Mitchell  Jan 8, 2022


Cape Town - Talia Davis has gone from bringing home diplomas and trophies every year for drama to finding herself on one of South Africa’s most popular soapies.

When Davis was five, her mother Lorraine enrolled her at Helen O'Grady Drama Academy because she was too shy and needed to gain some confidence. She stayed at the academy for more than eight years and got lead roles at their end-of-year productions. This was followed by a supporting role on kykNET & Kie for the Ons Stories fliek, As ek huis toe kom in 2014.

A few years later, the former Gardens Commercial High School pupil needed to do an internship for her course (filmmaking and video technology). She landed the role as Veronique on Suidooster and made her first appearance on November 16 last year. Veronique started out working at the Juice Bar and in order to make more money she found a job at The Anker (a bar). She is a busy-body person and sees everything that is going on in people's lives.

“I enjoy the fact that there is no other character like her in the show which makes her unique. She has a sweet side to her, but also doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. The show is very diverse and always has interesting stories that actually happen in our everyday lives which is relatable.

“My favourite part in Suidooster was when I gave Bennie (Richard September) the muffin and he thought I had a thing for him. It was actually so funny because people were commenting on social media on the fact that he was distancing himself from me in the scene,” said Davis, who admires co-star Jill Levenberg, who plays Mymoena Samsodien in Suidooster.

“I've learnt a lot from Jill. She would invite me to her dressing room, give me tips etc. She is such a kind, ambitious and strong woman. I always admire the way she plays a certain role in her films or soapies,” she said. 

“I am a very fun and goofy person in real life. I love making people laugh and I love listening to music and playing all types of games. Watching movies and series is my thing and I love spending time with my family and friends,” she added

Davis will be graduating in April.

Levenberg described Davis as humble, sweet, well-mannered and always polite.

“From the first time I worked with her she has always been professional, focused, hungry to learn, listens attentively to advice from people in the industry and has an incredible work ethic.

“The advice I have for her is to learn as much as you can about yourself and the industry. The more you know about yourself and people the better of an actor you are,” she said.

Her mother Lorraine said she felt so happy and emotional when she saw my daughter on TV and wished her husband was here to see it.

“I will never forget the night that he died (she was in matric). She said ‘daddy, I will make you proud’ and that is exactly what she is doing. She has been making me proud since the age of five. Every year she brought home trophies and diplomas from school and drama class. I know that she is very passionate about acting and it's something that she has always wanted to do. I wish her all the success in her career,” she said.

Weekend Argus

You can read the article by clicking here: https://www.iol.co.za/weekend-argus/news/talia-davis-makes-the-most-of-her-opportunities-110992a2-3867-4968-a52a-f1198d79e204

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