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Amazing Ramadan Holiday Programmes for Cairo

03 April

Cairo creates a very unique opportunity to make a difference during Ramadan with some amazing programmes to inspire children including puppetry and photography combined with drama. 
The programme is called "Give to Grow". This focuses on the development and growth of students through compassion and giving.
Three different programmes will be running in Cairo; New Cairo, Zamalek and Heliopolis and each programme has its unique features to explore arts in different forms.
At the end of the program all participants will set up an exhibition for their work from which, all proceeds will go for charity.
"Giving is receiving, doing unconditional acts of kindness gives as much happiness as the people receiving them. If you are a happy giving person, with a kind warm heart, you will find ever greater happiness in your life", says the Principal, Maija Lamu. 
You can book your place on this incredible programme by contacting our Cairo office. 

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