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'Caught in the Net' professional production in Nairobi

03 April

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy celebrates the theatre and our return back after many theatres had to close during the Covid Pandemic. 

Hats off to our Principal, Amar Desai, for the incredible direction of 'Caught in the Net' in Nairobi, Kenya and bringing theatre back on the stage. The Helen O'Grady Principals in Africa are very talented people and Amar, and his wife, Jinita, are very talented people who know how to bring out the best in all their actors and students in the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in Kenya. Their company, Aperture Productions, offers many programmes in the performing arts, including Helen O'Grady and recently launching the Creative Training Corporate training programmes. 

Live theatre is an important part of the training of our children and adults in Africa to build confidence, acting and communication skills. The students become natural actors and many become involved in the theatre themselves.

The Academy strongly believes in promoting live theatre!

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"As a toddler Lara was very vocal and loud but during her Grade 1 year we noticed she started to become a bit of an introvert and more shy. We signed her up with Helen O' Grady Drama Academy in the hope that it would help her with her speech as well as aid her in being more self-confident. Although still a little shy, she has blossomed while doing drama. Her speech is clearer and she is learning to expr..."

- Cape Town Parent

06 July

Fabulous productions in Nairobi