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Holiday Programme season is here throughout Cairo

07 July

The amazing Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Holiday Programme is in full swing and now also opens in Sahel,  Cairo. 
The Academy has over 20 years experience in Cairo with creative holiday camps which are particulaly based on character buliding and offers creative arts programmes, including drama,  combined with physical sports.
The programme will be be run at the beautiful Sahel for children to get energized and active during their school holidays.
The  daily programme will consist of tennis, teamsports and a creative hour for craft & drama. Fun competitions are also part of the weekly programme.
Registration: Whatsapp: 01063479551

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"“What is your proudest accomplishment?” a cliche interview question I get asked with every new step in my journey – my career in management consulting, my MBA program etc. Yet as time progresses, my answer continues to be the same: my time with HOG. My time with HOG working as a summer camp leader has not only allowed me to impact the development trajectory of wonderful kids, but has also deeply contrib..."

- Teacher, Cairo

06 July

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